Has Doctor Who ever taught you anything? Has the madman in the blue box ever given you a life lesson?
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18261 days until the 100th anniversary

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Thank to everyone who suggested tv shows for me to watch.

I’ll be going into hospital next friday and I’ll be in it for at least two weeks so most of my Easter holiday will be spent in hospital and now I have lovely tv shows to watch, this is my ever expanding list..

  1. Supernatural 
  2. 2 Broke Girls
  3. How I Met Your Mother
  4. Gilmore Girls
  5. The Big Bang Theory
  6. Roswell
  7. Charmed
  8. Misfits
  9. Monk
  10. Broadchurch
  11. The Vampire Diaries
  12. Cake boss
  13. Teen Wolf
  14. Hannibal
  15. Nevermind The Buzzcocks
  16. Merlin
  17. American Horror Story
  18. Pretty Little Liars
  19. The Walking Dead
  20. Sarah Jane Adventures
  21. Glee
  22. Buffy
  23. Angel
  24. The Office
  25. Community
  26. Grimm
  27. Being Human
  29. Bones
  30. Will & Grace
  31. Everybody hates Chris
  32. Elementary
  33. Once Upon A Time
  34. Game of Thrones
  35. Firefly
  36. Pysch
  37. Classic Who
  38. True Blood
  39. Lost
  40. Days Of Our Lives
  41. Criminal Minds
  42. Christopher and his kind
  43. Star Trek
  44. Sue Thomas FBEye
  45. Murdoch Mysteries  
  46. CSI Vegas
  47. Lost Girl
  48. the Lying Game
  49. Castle
  50. Jonathan Creek
  51. Afterlife
  52. Lost in Austen 
  53. QI
  54. Queer as folk
  55. New Girl
  56. The politicians husband. 

This list is really long I understand but I’ve watched most of the episodes out of these I just really want to complete watching them so that’s why it’s that long, like Supernatural is there and I’ve watched all but 2 episodes but it’s there so as I go through, I’m hoping that this year I manage to watch every single show of this list and slowly cross them off. Maybe this is my 2013 goal. 50 books and 50 tv shows. Maybe you could join me on this adventure, fangirl together?

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May I suggest you give Torchwood, Supernatural, and Bones a watch? They are all very good and I think you'll like them.


Thank you very much m’dear. 
Supernatural is awesome and I’ve only seen a few episodes of Torchwood so I’ll definitely give that a try :)  

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Bit of a personal, non Doctor Who related question but..

Anyone have any good shows that they could recommend to me?

I’m going into hospital in a few weeks and I get to take my laptop so I thought I’d catch up on some shows, see what they’re like, join some new fandoms so if you have any shows that you really like to watch do you perchance fancy sharing them with me?

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Submitted by thepeterpixie 

Submitted by thepeterpixie 

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Submitted by thepeterpixie

Submitted by thepeterpixie

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